Guilty Pleasure

What is your guilty pleasure? What make you feel guilty upon consuming it? I know mine is called bubble tea!
What is bubble tea? For those who are not familiar with asian drinks, bubble tea consists of a drink of any flavor [each store had their special drink, but most have the classic such as honey dew, milk tea, taro, etc] with tapioca balls [bubbles]. If you live in the US, you might know it as Boba. This drink was originated from Taiwan, correct me if I’m wrong. When I first start getting addicted to bubble tea, they only have the choice of tapioca or jelly as condiment. Now you can find all sort flavor of jelly and tapioca, also grass jelly as a “healthier” substitue. Many places are renown for their drinks, one of the most popular where I am is Chatime.

goodtime-tea_3_1_largeThe drink is mostly artificial flavor and full of sugar therefore consuming it daily will rise the risk of diabetes, but once you try and get addict, it’s the end. You will never be able to run away from it. I remembered when I first try it, it was love! Every week end is bubble tea date! Even now, as I grow older, I am still addicted and try to restrain myself from drinking it everyday. I know I shouldn’t have it, but sometime temptation is very strong!

For self-restraining from overdose on bubble tea, I title it my guilty pleasure.

Until the next post, I will see you guys with a bubble tea in hand ❤

P.S if you have tried them, what’s your favorite flavor?


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