Earliest childhood memory

My earliest childhood memory will bring you back to when I was still 4-5 years old and they are from my late grandfather[mom’s dad]. How the hell do I remember from back then? Well scientifically speaking when there’s a major change in your life, your brain tend to record the moment and keep it in your memory. Although it is also proven that your memories are not at all true or accurate 100%. Some part of it are fabricate and well hidden, especially after a very dramatic event. Human’s memory and how it works it very interesting. So onto topic, my earliest memory was from when I was still 4-5, I don’t recall exactly the age as I didn’t know I had an age back then.

A little back story, when we were in Vietnam everybody live in the same house, with each family having a “room” to themselves. My mom and I had a room [without door] at the front of the house along with my 1st uncle’s family. My grandparents and my little uncle’s family were in the back of the house. Back then for me it was a huge house, not anymore as I grow older things tend to get smaller.

I remembered we were all gather at the front lawn at my grandparents’ house, back when I was still in Vietnam. My uncle and older cousin were chopping down some trees, cai Tram, we had at the entrance. All the children were gather to picked the fruits from the falling branches.

Trai tram
Trai tram
I remembered the fruit were sweet when they become black. As we were all having fun munching on the fruits, I heard a voice calling out and recognized it was my grandfather’s voice. He was very weak back then and has to stay in bed most of the time. As I hear his voice, I ran to the back of the house. He was calling someone to give him the glass of water that was on his night stand. So I gave it to him and return to fruit picking with my cousins when he dismissed me.

My second memory from him was at his funeral. I remembered, like other kids, asking my mom why is everyone crying and why is grandfather asleep when everyone was awake around him. I did cry a lot when my mom told me that my grandfather had died, he won’t wake up again and that we have to prepare for his funeral. I didn’t know what funeral was nor what death was.

I don’t have a lot of memory about my grandfather, but I do remember his gentleness. I don’t remember what kind of a man he was, but I can still remember his warm and that I use preferred him more than my grandmother XD

Well talking about this part of my memory did bring tears to my eyes, event today.

See you at the next post.


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