Hello world of the web.
How are you doing today? Fine, good, awesome!
What is the title suggesting today? Consistency. Why such a title, you may ask and I will answer.
I will try my hardest to be consistent with my blogging. You have heard this before? Oh, yeah, surely! I have been repeating this statement for a while, but failed to do so. Shame on me! I will eventually get the hang of it and persistently continue with this blog of mine. It has been 3 years now, that I am running this blog. At first, it was with Bee and focus mostly on restaurants and places we visited through our exploration, but now it will mostly be me and the contents change toward more of my interests.

Will Bee be coming back? I don’t really know. I think she is more into vlog nowadays. If she eventually comes back, well good for us. For now you will have to endure me and love me for my weird, incompetence, inconsistence ways.

That will be all world.
I will bid you farewell until the next post.


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