I’m alive!!!

Oh wow, last time I updated was on April. Sincere apology to no one >_< since I don’t think anyone is still reading or following this [if you are reading this then I’m sorry for the lack of update]. I mean this is practically for me to vent out what I keep inside.

Nothing much to be add, in fact, I have come back just to announce a new project in collaboration with Ponyta. Hope that anyone reading and still following kawaimono will support us on Tapastic. I guess I will also post updated on the blog to gather, maybe, more interest.

So what is that project about you may ask? It is a collaboration to make a webcomic. Written and draw by me and Ponyta, this webcomic will be publish weekly on Tapastic. It is a quest for the legendary Mewtwo. We just published the cover on Friday the 9th of October, so stay tune for more update!



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