Music Challenge – Day 17

03 A song that relaxes you everytime

Fly me to the moon is a classic and I have always love this song, but I had been searching for the perfect version. This song has a feel to it that always relax me and make me want to sing along.
I first discover it through Hikaru Utada, a Japanese singer, but I didn’t quite like her version. I, later, rediscover it through Neon Genesis Evangelion as they used it for the ending theme. This version was still not quite how I would like the song to sound, but it was cute and has a more jazzy/bossa nova feel to it, but the singer’s voice didn’t go so well with the feel of the song. As for Frank Sinatra’s version, well too old for my liking >_< I am very picky regarding this song.

Later, as I search for a song to be my love story theme song I discover this amazing little girl's retake on Fly me to the moon. Her voice was mature for her age, but her take on the song surpass any other singer mentioned above.

In the end, I've decided on this version by Olivia Ong, which was my perfect love song. This version has been in my playlist for relaxing music which I can enjoy on a sunny lazy Sunday. The more I listen to it the more I'm in love with it.


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