Music Challenge – Day 12

03Favorite early/mid 2000s song(s)
Early/mid 2000 wasn’t so bad let’s see.

Linkin Park – In the end
Until this day this song is the one I play after every exam! Especially at university level exams -_- The lyrics are getting to me like razor blade after every exam hahaha

Pink – So what
She’s fun, this song is fun and we all love pink!

Justin Timberlake and the Backstreet Boys are honorable mention to the early/mid 2000 because it is only when we hit the 2000 that their songs get better and better. Especially JT who became the best of himself after leaving N’Sync. Don’t take me wrong, N’Sync got him him started, but he got where he is today because he is a talented man.


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