Music Challenge – Day 11

03Favorite 90s song (s)
I’m a 90s kid so this is a huge challenge because I do enjoy and still think that the 90s was and is the best! XD

Let’s start with a classic!
Haddaway – What Is Love
I love, love this song! There are a lot of memories relate to this song from my childhood. This was the favorite song my dad would sing, remix by him, and make us laugh. He will sing it to my mom and change the lyrics!

TLC – Scrub
I had never been a fan of this genre, but TLC was badass. Their attitude for girl power, promoting independence and inner beauty of woman is what I really love from them. Bonus, their lyrics and musics are always catchy and easy to remember. Scrub would be my favorite song from them along with Waterfall and Unpretty.

Lauryn Hill- Killing Me Softly
“Killing me softly” is a favorite of mine, but Lauryn’s take on the song give it a more modern soul.

If I keep on going the list will get really long so I will stop it here. Why haven’t post anything from any boyband? This will come later in the 2000s 😀


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