Music Challenge – Day 9

03A song that annoys you
There are too many songs that annoy me to the point of no return, yet they have such an addictive beat or lyrics to them that it stuck in your head!
I really don’t want to talk about them, because I would then be promoting, but for the purpose of this post I will write something and try not to get too into the emotion.

#1. Friday from Rebecca Black
This girl is annoying as hell, she can sing, that’s the worst part! She has the potential to be a minor singer if she works hard and get training, like Kpop style straining, then she will be able to sing as a normal person would. The reason why the song annoys me is because it is repetitive, the beat stays and the lyrics is just pure bullshit of nonsense! There I got it out! Happy? Now I’m stuck with it repeating in my head!

#2. Ariana Grande
Don’t get me wrong, her music has a good beat to it, I’ve enjoy some of her collaboration BUT she can pronounce any words correctly! Her singing is just a bunch of mumbling! People who loves music also enjoy it for the sake of the lyrics, the role of the singer is to convey his/her emotions through lyrics and how she/he sings it! If I don’t understand what you say then I will just skip. I am no longer 5 years old with no knowledge of English therefore rubbish mumbling doesn’t work for me anymore.

Here is a version of her song “Problem ” by Glee See? It’s so much better when you understand the words

Also another one from Kpop singer Ailee


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