Music Challenge – Day 5

03 A song that makes you sad/cry
I often refuse to admit, but a Vietnamese song always gets the emotion out of me: Chị Tôi. This song is about a big sister who sacrificed her youth and refuse to get married in order to raise her siblings. I personally don’t have a sibling that generous, but the lyrics is so well written that it always bring tears to my eyes.

Another song is Family Portrait from Pink
Pink is one of my favorite artist in the American music industry. Her songs represent her true feeling and the things happening to her. The reason this song makes me sad is the fact that it’s true for most of the children who are faced with divorced parents. She represent it in the perspective of the child who just simply want a happy family. Divorce often makes the child feel guilty because they feel they are the cause of their parents being unhappy due to the fact that often adults under stress leash their stress on their child.


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