Music Challenge – Day 4

03First of all, I have to wish you all who is reading this a happy 2015! Yup, it takes me time to write those post. I didn’t want to stress myself over it since this should be fun. Beside I have much more to stress over than just a post 😛
So following the last post, Day 4 – A song that makes you happy.
Day 4 challenge is a bit hard since I have a complete playlist of a total of about 40 songs that make me happy, old and new. So to be fair, let’s put one that actually makes me dance and happy at the moment.

2pm – Go crazy
This song mv is set after a hardcore party night and the members are getting crazy all night long. The song is very upbeat and the dance moves are the easiest one you can ever see in Kpop. The beat lifts up your mood and the dance just so easy that you can actually follow along. Silly dance move to bust at every dance party. Enough say! Enjoy!




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