Music Challenge – Day 2

03Who is your favorite artist/band? Why?
// This is going to be a long post XD //

Epik High debuted as a trio of Tablo, Mithra and Dj Tukutz. Tablo and Tukutz are the two main rapper and Tukutz is the Dj of the group. Lyrics of most of their songs are writing by Tablo. They debuted in 2003 and was known in the underground and around 2005-2006 they got recognize with Swan Songs. Hits including Fly and Paris , featuring Jisun from Loveholic, got them on the surface. In 2007, their fourth album Remapping the human soul got them two hits Fan and Love Love Love. This album was more on the darker side than their previous album, but that is mostly their style. Their name is getting bigger and bigger with the release of tumblr_mco1hl7cj21qcsmqgo1_500Pieces part one and Love Scream. With Pieces part one their style change to a more upbeat, but style contain a deeper, darker side within their lyrics. In 2009, they dissociate with their label and founded their own Map the Soul. This last until DJ Tukutz and Mithra got into the army. Within this label they release an book album of the same name and (e) which contain a total of 30 songs. In 2010, they release Epilogue, before the two members get into military service later that year.
2011, Tablo, waiting for his teammates to finish their army duties, is face with a scandal from Netizens disgracing him with allegations that states he is a fraud and demanding the truth about Tablo. This scandal was causing harm to Tablo’s reputation and tormenting his family. True to himself Tablo reveal his feelings and he released a solo album Fever’s end part 1 and 2.
In 2012, when the trio is once again reunite, they signed with YG entertainment and release their single It’s cold feature YG’s newbie Lee Hi and later, the album 99, a more upbeat and joyous side to them, featuring various YG’s artists such as Taeyang from Big Bang and Park Boom of 2NE1.
In 2013, celebrating their 10th anniversary, they released 420 featuring their all time favourites such as rapper Double K, Yankie, Dok2, Sean2Slow, Dumbfoundead, TopBob, and MYK. 2014 is a busy year with their remix of their song Without you featuring Chinese singer Bibi Zhou, following with their 8th album Shoesbox, stronger than ever this album feature bit shot such as Taeyang, B.I, Jay Park, Kim Jong-wan of Nell, Gecko, Verbal Jint, etc.

I have follow Epik High since they first debuted in 2003. Their songs are often on the darker side, but it tells the feelings and the things that one goes through life. Their songs are always fill with emotions. One of the main reason why I love them so much is the fact that even if they are getting more and more popular they are always true to themselves. Behind the seriousness there is always room for goofiness, working hard and party hard XD You can often see with the mv, they can turn a serious song about a problem in society into something silly with a hilarious mv (High Technology). Not only their songs are good, but it is also pair with very artistic mv to complement their talent as hip hop artists.

A few recommendation to get to know them more. There are so many good songs, too many to be all feature here, but these are my personal favourite, it was hard to choose.
+ Paris ft. Jisun of Loveholic
+ Map the soul
+ Fan (My all time favourite)
+ Run
+ Bad
+ Born Hater ft. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino & Bobby (Beware lots of swearing!!!)


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