Music Challenge – Day 1

03What is the most recent song you downloaded on your iPod/computer/phone,etc?

The most recent song in my computer is “Here I am” by SunnyHill. It is a korean group of four girls and one guy, but the only male member went to the army and won’t come back before a year or so.
The song itself is about breakup and how hard is it to go through the pain relying only on time to forget. The song is a bit more upbeat than a ballad. It is a catchy song due to the chorus. They also made an mv, but personally I think the plot of the story is weak.
SunnyHill is a group that has gone through a lot of changes to be where they are. They are a group with strong vocal and originality. They recently got recognition with their song “Midnight Circus” a few years back. “Midnight Circus” brought them to the attention of the public and they didn’t disappoint with their next hit “Grasshopper songÈ. In between they also release a ballad call “Pray” which was in my opinion their best song and music video. With the two upbeat songs they categorize themselves in the pop/dance, but in truth they are more of a ballad group.
Some recommendation for SunnyHill’s songs

  • Midnight circus
  • Pray
  • Grasshoppersong
  • Princess and prince charming
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