Music challenge

Yup it’s me again. This time with another challenge. This time it is shorter by 10 days. Once again it will be with Ponyta. If you are interest, you can always participate by posting a comment on the day that you want to share or just simply take it and post it on your blog. Let’s see what I have got myself into >_<


1. What is the most recent song you downloaded on your iPod/computer/phone,etc?
2. Who is your favorite artist/band? Why?
3. A song you repeat everday
4. A song that makes you happy
5. A song that makes you sad/cry
6. A song that makes you angry
7. A new artist you would like to see live
8. Favorite acoustic song
9. A song that annoys you
10. Favorite 80s song(s)
11. Favorite 90s song (s)
12. Favorite early/mid 2000s song(s)
13. Favorite moment in any music award show
14. Favorite YouTube artist and song
15. A song from a new album you are waiting for to come out
16. A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life
17. A song that relaxes you everytime
18. A song that makes you dance
19. A song that you like when you were younger until now.
20. What’s life without music?


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