Intro/Misoya Ramen

This is a blog entry reviewing Misoya Ramen, a japanese noodle restaurant, I did for my friend’s blog. Please have a look!

The adventures of the Machiabellians


Hi! My name is Baymax… no my name is…. wait, I have too many nicknames therefore just simply refer to me as Munchlax on this blog. I am honored to be the first to post something in this blog, as I have too much free time. I will be featured from time to time, I also happen to have a blog on foodies, which you can find here… and various other stuffs *coughANIMEMANGAcough* Ok enough of the intro.


I have given this place a lot of chances and it never disappointed me… so far anyway. I went to this place within the first week of its opening and wanted to try to out some “real” ramen, as other places I went had ramen that tasted like instant noodles (I got fooled ໒( ⇀ ‸ ↼ )७ ).

My story with Misoya is that I have always found their broth…

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