Sense of self – Selfish?

Hello all, I’ve been posting a lot lately and no sign of Bee. //Edit: she posted something while I was writing this//
It’s just that I’ve been talking to a lot of people about a lot of things, especially with this guy who made me think too much, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Today, at work, as I was talking to my colleagues, we mentioned about the future of my work place. For those who are interest, I am currently a full time student working in a dental clinic to make ends meet. The clinic where I work at is not the best of the town, but still manage to accommodate the neighborhood’s needs in dental hygiene and oral health. The clinic itself is not important here, the topic of the title came up when I was joking about the colleague who will be no longer working here by the end of this month. My joke goes that he is putting stress on our lady boss, who is almost reaching her limit due to personal and professional issues, because he leaves at the last minute. The decision was initially for him to leave in January, not in the end of November. His reply was that it wasn’t his fault, he was only a temporarily replacement until they find someone else to fill in the spot. They didn’t look for one and there was no appointment for him in December therefore he decided to leave early for another clinic.
He decided to leave for his own pursue of having more work therefore more gain. The way he replied to us, I see it as a selfish decision, but thinking about it, his reply is not wrong nor it is right.

What I want to talk about is this selfishness that I heard from his comment and from almost everyone I have encounter. I am someone who will try to be as helpful as I can and often I am willing to put aside certain things to do so, but is it really just only the will to help? The people I conversed with often make comments that will put their wellness before others, but was our society always like that?
Is it too much to make sure your well being is put before anything else? We are in a very much individualist society. If you put others before you then you will be the one who gets push around, step on, etc. But I do see people do that and sometime I wonder what motivate them so much? Isn’t it frustrating to be used by others? The keyword here is useful. Wanting to be useful. If you want to be useful then you have to accept to be use.

A wise advise from my mom is that it doesn’t matter how others used you, if by the end of the day you have nothing to feel ashamed of/if your conscience is clear then you have accomplish your purpose, whatever it is. Once again it is about the self šŸ˜‰


2 Replies to “Sense of self – Selfish?”

  1. Hahahah, turns out I’m that “guy” šŸ˜›

    My quick thoughts on the issue : if you are to work for the result of the industrial age (job division, hierarchy, profit-oriented, stability before passion and cheap labor : of course you will face such situation.

    The guy’s job is nothing but to be a pawn, useful when in crisis, useless when forgotten. In this case, the big problem is that your lady boss is overwhelmed, but at the time, she is SUPPOSED to be. I don’t know if she’s the owner, but it’s a normal thing to be overwhelmed when you run such “business”. Let’s not count her in the equation : the decision of the guy to leave early is fine. He does not owe anything to the team, he has his own life to live, his own empire to build.

    The only thing is : he prolly should of flagged his early departure much earlier. My take is that he was waiting on a positive response. And that’s normal. The lady boss was prolly naive thinking that he would stay with barely any appointments.

    Not to be ashamed at the end of the day is not enought anymore, you must be proud šŸ˜‰ Push it just a little more! #headachecreator

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