Big Hero 6 & Disney Haters

❀ Hello fellow Earthlings. I know should continue my anime challenge but whatever. Recently, I went to the theatres and saw the movie Big Hero 6. I can go on about this movie. It will probably be my top favourites. Without spoiling anything, all I can say is that I was drowning in feels throughout the movie.

❀ Guys, I have a new animated character to add to my fictional-crush-list. Last year when I saw Frozen, I thought it was the next big thing. Honestly, I think it’s still pretty good. I’m proud and impressed by the progress Disney is doing. Of course there will be people who will argue that How To Train Your Dragon was better, and you are entitled to your opinion. I never said otherwise. I do agree however that HTTYD was very much underrated compared to Frozen. But then again, people have to take in consideration of the viewers. “Stereotypically”, little girls tend to obsess over anything princessy. Boys tend to like superheroes such as Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc. I don’t think they would go crazy over a little dude with awesome ideas and his adorable dragon. Maybe, they like Toothless, but that’s probably as far as it goes. Frozen had catchy songs to singalong to, as for  HTTYD, I don’t even remember if there was any. Because of Disney’s plot twist of the definition of true love, it caused quite a stir. Both animated movies were very good. But since Big Hero 6 came into my life, it tops them all. Not just both of them, but all of them!

❀ Haters, I am ready for you. People will always find excuses to hate on something. For instance, they would probably say “I’m sick of Disney’s recycled characters.” Blah blah, you know what, since you’re so sick of it, do something about it then. Have a major in animation and work for Disney. So shut the hell up. Other complaints would be “Big Hero 6 is originally from Marvel! Disney changed everything. It’s gonna suck.” I don’t like people like you. Have you even given it a chance? Sure, Disney changed a whole lot of things, I mean, don’t they always? But it’s to make it more appealing to the eyes and child-friendly. Like, hello people, it’s Disney. DISNEY. Of course it has to be child-friendly. And with this some will argue “Child-friendly? There’s so many hidden sexual references/images.” Please, the kids don’t even get it or see it. And perhaps it was placed there so that the adults who watch it with their children have their own 3 seconds of entertainment. And who says Disney placed it there, maybe it’s you who have the dirty minds, because I haven’t seen or gotten any sexual references. So suck my —

❀ Going back with the Marvel thing, I’m actually happy and pleased that Disney took it. Have you guys seen the original? Baymax is like a friken green dragon robot ugly looking thing. I read a bit of the original Big Hero 6, and I must say, if there was a movie based on the original, I certainly wouldn’t watch it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Marvel and all even though I haven’t read the comics. But the original Big Hero 6 is just very meh. Anyways, where am I going with all this? Oh right, Disney’s Big Hero 6 is awesoooooooooooooooooooome.


2 Replies to “Big Hero 6 & Disney Haters”

  1. It was a fun watch, Baymax was adorable. My biggest problem with it is aside from Hiro and Baymax all of the characters were nothing but caricatures of stereotypes and the audience had no reason to care about them. Plus the plot was about as fabricated as it gets.

  2. I would have to agree with caronbot, but “it’s a Disney movie what do you expect?” lol I didn’t think this movie has anything special except that I would really need a heating marshmallow like Baymax. Went to see it with my nephews, their reactions were great, I enjoyed it too, but that would be all. If you compare this with other Disney movie then yes this top them all, but on the storyline…meh 😛

    And I really don’t understand what’s the hype about Frozen. Ok they change their stereotypical way of princess getting safe by the prince to Princess saving their own ass, etc. But the story is nothing special, everything happen because one girl mess up.

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