End of Anime Challenge

Hey there! 30 days-ish ago I took up the “30 days anime challenge” and it ended not long ago. Today will be a follow up on what I thought about it and how it was.

It was long! Some questions were repetitive and I found them hard to understand as I have the most difficulty into chosen only one out of a million. I also set myself the rule that I must post everyday which didn’t end up so well because I had things to do at the same time. I had set up some scheduled posts, but often I didn’t have the time to write them before it was publish. The challenge became boring after Day 15 or something. I try not to show them too much, but I guess it was pretty transparent in my post as they get shorter and shorter XD

Anyway, the challenge was taken and it has end therefore I will be moving onto something new. Let see what else is interesting on this wild world of our.

For those who also take this 30 days challenge, good luck and hope you had more fun then I did.


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