Challenge – Day 30

//Anime you wish continued on and never end//
In this category I will only post anime that only have one season, but continue on in the manga and that I wish they continue in the anime. Is this clear? πŸ˜•

Suki-tte Ii na yo – Say “I love you” is a cheeeeeesssyyy manga that got turn into an anime in 2012. The story is about Mei Tachibana, a socially awkward high school girl. Her encounter with Yamato Kurosawa (by kicking him in the face), the number one pretty boy from the school, change her way of living and how she perceive people. It’s a cheesy scenario, a little bit like sukitte-ii-na-yo-posterKimi ni Todoke, but I do prefer this story over Kimi ni Todoke (a bit of a drag sometime). For now, only one season has been release and also a live action movie. I will not comment on the movie as I had not watch it yet (I threat the selection of the actors/actresses). The main reason why I want this anime to continue on is because I love the character design. The story itself is nothing to be impress with, but the characters are stylish and I have always love this author’s (Kanae Hazuki) short stories. She uses to write short, yet full of meaning type of stories about love and life. Beware that her stories contain mild nudity and sexual reference.

21536lGhost Hunt is also another anime that I wish had continued on with another season. Season left me dry with questions about some characters and the story in general. In the manga those questions are answer, but I am too lazy to look it up πŸ™„ This is an anime that I wish keeps on entertaining me for at least another season due to the fact that it’s about ghost and the supernatural. And I do like Naru’s personality even though he’s kind of a jerk πŸ˜›

ouranOuran High School Host Club – Of course who can forget this one. Season left me satisfy with the scene of Haruhi jumping into Tamaki’s arms, but I want to see the final of their marriage being animate. There is also a lot of scene from the manga that need to be put into action! I didn’t dislike the live version (movie and drama), but I do want to see more!!!


With this end my 30 days anime challenge!


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