Challenge – Day 29

//Anime you wish was real//
I think this choice is right and most of you would agree with me.
Pokemon should be real! Imagine having one of those as your teammate and battle to the death!! XD Just kidding. But won’t you agree with me? If Pokemon were real it would be so cool. I won’t say that our world will be in peace, but it would makes it so much more interesting, but on the other hand what would happen to our food industry? As Pokemon are various type of animals with power, do we eat them? No of course not. So how I see it, is that Pokemon would be a special type of animal, and that everything else should stay the same or we can just simply turn to being vegetarian (Tofu is not so bad 😛 )
Think about it.

If Pokemon was real, which one would be your first? I want either Dragonite or Snolax (the closest to Totoro that I can get) XD


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