Challenge – Day 27

//Most Badass Scene from any anime//
//This was schedule to be post on time, but I just couldn’t find any thing to write about, therefore it was an empty post//
I can’t really recall any badass scene from any anime, I guess this category is like the one from the the best fight? I think best fight scene is also the most badass scene. To not repeat myself I will then write about Attack of the Titans. I’m cheating a little bit because I haven’t watch the entire season, but I was kind of amaze at the animation and the cruelty of this anime. When the action actually start with the first fight I actually find it not so bad. The scene I particularly like is when Eren was fighting off the Titans in his Titan’s form. I found it was quite nice because I kind of suspect that the story will somehow turn into this direction, but the actual fighting scene was really good.


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