Challenge – Day 25

//Saddest anime death//
This didn’t make me cry or anything, but I was really sad at how it ended. When the animation came out I wish they would make a different ending.
Hotarubi no Mori e tell the story of a 6 years old Hotaru Takegawa who got lost one day in the forest near her grand-father’s house where she goes every summer. The entrance to the forest is mark by a gate, which indicate that once you cross, you can get into the other world. That forest is fill with mountain spirits and when you set foot in the forest you will forever be lost. Horatu, however, was save by Gin. Gin is a human-like character wearing a white fox mask. Gin leas Hotaru out of the forest and warn her not to come back or she won’t be able to get out. Despise Gin’s warning, Hotaru came back the next day and the day after again. And there start their friendship. The spirits of the forest are worry about Gin. You see, Gin is no longer a human. He was abandon in the forest when he was still a baby and the forest’s God took pity on him and allow him to live with them. The spirits of the forest are very protective of him. Since he has been living with them, he has lost his physical body. Any touch by a human will make him vanish therefore he warns Hotaru not to touch him. She occasionally try to hotarutouch him, but he dodge her every time. They spend the summer playing in the forest and time pass by.
On one summer night, Hotaru came back to the forest to meet Gin, but she is now a high school student. Gin is bringing her to the festival organize by the creatures of the forest. The night ended sadly. Gin accidentally grab onto a kid who was going to trip, but that kid was a human child who sneaked into the festival.
The last scene is Hotaru and Gin hugging for the first time while Gin vanish into little lights.

This is not the saddest scene ever, but I want to post it here. I love that story and was hoping for an alternative end for them.

Neptune and Uranus sacrifice
This scene comes from Sailor Moon with Uranus and Neptune looking for the 3 Talismans. They felt into the trap of Eugeal who discover that they both have the pure of hearts containing two of the three Talismans. At first, Neptune was capture by Eugeal leaving Uranus fighting to save her. Uranus got defeat, but Neptune broke free and jumps in front of Uranus to protect her. She sacrifice herself therefore having her heart snatch, revealing Neptune’s Talisman, the mirror. The scouts arrive and attack Eugeal. Without her partner, Uranus doesn’t see any reason to keep on fighting, she then turn Eugeal’s weapon on herself and reveal the second Talisman, Uranus’ dagger (I’m not sure if this is a dagger or a sword, in the manga she makes it bigger to look like a sword).
This scene sticks to me until now and every time I re-watch it, it still gets to me even though I was expecting it and has been mentally prepared. I must agree that they did a good job giving the two of them their deserve credit in the 90s anime. Much more than in the manga. Also at the end of the last arc, when they pretend to turn against Sailor Moon and attempted to eliminate Galaxia by themselves and still die at the end. Whenever they are working together, you can truly see their loyalty toward each other and the beauty of their relationship. I truly believe that the script writer of Sailor Moon is a fan of those two because they are giving such an important role and the emphases on their relationship is beautiful. S/he deserves a round of applause for doing such a good work which did not, unfortunately, have much emphases in the manga.
Neptune ❤ Uranus.


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