Challenge – Day 24

//Moment that shock you the most//
I’m kind of immune to everything out of the ordinary… or so I think.
Have I told you that a lot of things in Kuroshitsuji are interesting and very entertaining? Well I will choose from that anime the scene that shock me the most is when this
turn into this

It’s just plain disgusting XD I’m just kidding. I do like Grell Sutcliff character a lot, not because he has bright red hair, but because he’s super funny and masochist toward Sebastian.
Truthfully I didn’t expect a twist like that in the anime. I just thought he was a plain character, but they turn him into a deadly grim reaper. The second shocking moment from this anime is when Grell Sutcliff kills Madam Red. I was starting to like her character as she openly sexually harassing Sebastian, but she was the only person that Ciel can call family. Her death is meaningful to the understanding of her role therefore I will accept it, but Grell Sutcliff is another story. It’s a complete 360 degree change in character XD well I must admit it was kind of obvious (?) because throughout the entire episode you can see his masochist side in every scene.


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