Challenge – Day 23

//Favorite attack//
“Neptune Deep Submerge!”
I’m going back to Sailor Moon a lot, but by now you should know that it has been a big influence on me and also because I don’t watch anime that much, I rather read (I’m glad I didn’t take the manga challenge XD ). Among all the senshi’s attack, Neptune’s is one of my favorite. There is no particular reason to it, I just find it sound better and strong. She’s calling for a Tsunami like wave who will befall on you. Who can escape a Tsunami? XD

Mars’ Flame Sniper is also part of my two favorite attack with Neptune’s. Mars is one of my favorite senshi, I wasn’t quite into her first attack, but I’m glad they change it into this one as I always like archer type. Plus the way they animate it was just so cool. I wish they would go further in the remake so that I can see this attack in 3D all pimp up 😀


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