Challenge – Day 21

//Favorite goofy character//
Once again this has been schedule to be post before I could write anything. This challenge is getting long and boring 😛
Anyway, a challenge accepted is a challenge to be complete so here goes.

Vash is the main character from an old anime call Trigun. The anime is based in the far west kind of setting where bounty hunter is THE work that make the most money. The story start with Vash being chase for a bounty on his head which is the highest one so far. He looks stupid and goofy, but he is the greatest gun fighter of all time and is call the Strampede also known as the Natural Disaster XD On his journey he is joint by two women bounty hunters and sometime a priest.
lThis anime is made to make you laugh at every episode. Just the simple fact that his name is Vash, pronounce in French would mean cow XD And his famous love and peace sign every time he end a battle. Behind his goofiness there is a profound character with a dark past. I’ve discover this anime through a friend of mine, but it’s being so long that I barely remember, but he’s still the goofiest character when it comes to being silly.


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