Challenge – Day 20

//Anime character that gets on your nerves//
Maybe because I was re-watching Kuroshitsuji, but when this title came up, Alois Trancy was the first thing that pop-up in my mind. Who can be more annoying than this brat? I’m sure there’s an answer to this question, but I’m also sure you all agree with my statement that Alois is a character that gets on your nerves. Not only on your nerves, but actually taking it out and chew on it!!

aloisThis is the kind of rich brat that deserve every single misfortune that he encounter. He doesn’t know how to respect others and just does as he like, but somehow without him the story doesn’t have spice in it XD

Psychologically speaking, Alois is a sadistic brat who lack of love and attention. Which he contently seek through his butler, doing any mischief to have his attention. Later, in the season we discover his pitiful side, but nothing can be undone, hatred has been planted: Alois is the character that gets on my nerve. XD


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