D-08 Anime Challenge

❀ Couples. Couples everywhere. As a single person myself, when I watch anime series where there are couples, I often think “Huh.. I want a relationship like that.” Of course, they’re all just super exaggerated but it’s nice to imagine a cliché love life. As always, when it comes to my favorite things, I must categorize them.

Shota x Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke is all time favorite sweet-innocent-slow-paced couple. There’s nothing much I could say about this couple. Although Sawako just idolized him at first and was grateful for his help, as their friendship went on they eventually become a couple. She’s the shy, modest type of girl who over-analyses things. I usually don’t like slow placed mangas — I read the manga first — but this is my ultimate favorite. I mean, Shota confessed to her around 40th chapter or so. If that’s not slow, I dont know what is. And then they only kissed around 20 chapters after. I know it sounds stupid, but there’s a reason for that. Go watch the anime or read the manga to find out!

❀ There are many love-hate roller coaster relationships that I like but Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama‘s Takumi x Misaki are the best. I think they’re the ideal couple. Sure being all sweet is nice, but honestly I think it gets boring after a while. I think ideal relationships have ups and downs. This couple’s relationship start off weird at first. Misaki’s impression of Takumi wasn’t so great. She even calls him a perverted alien, to which I agree, he does weird things sometimes. He kept appearing wherever she went; at her work, when she does her class-president duties… They became friends, then lovers, and at the end they got married — in the manga, yesssssss! — They’re such a powerful couple, I don’t know how to explain, but they make such a great team. I’d like to have a relationship like that, haha.


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