Challenge – Day 17

//Favorite supporting male character//
Nobuo Terashima is one of the member from the band Blast, from the anime Nana. He is the guitarist for the band and one of the really good friend of Nana Osaki. His role in the anime is a cheerful simple mind, caring and honest guy. He and Nana are from the same hometown. Nobu is a the son of an Inn owner, but his dream is to be able to play the guitar and have a good girlfriend. His mother wants him to eventually inherite the Inn once they retire, but he escapes to Tokyo to meet up with Nana. Nobu eventually falls in love with Hachiko, but that didn’t end well. I love Nobu character as he is a simple mind yet has a deep character. Throughout the anime you can see him grow to be a better person. His loyalty is something I really appreciate of him. His loyalty toward his friends is what also other characters love about him and Nana is very protective of him as if he is an endangered species XD


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