Challenge – Day 16

//Anime with the best animation//
Even though a lot of animation can have this title, this anime is one that stood with me due to its colourful animation and crazy storyline.
The story take place in a far away future where technology is much more advance and dreams can be access with the help of the DC mini. Dr Atsuko Chiba has been using the device illegally to treat her patient. The movie start with the counseling of Detective Toshimi Konakawa who has been having the same carnival/parade theme dream over and over. The Dr take on the role of Paprika when she goes into the dream, which give the name of the movie. With the device, the paprikauser can invade others’ dream, jumping from one to an other. If you die in the dream you can physically die which eventually happen and end up setting free the dream into reality.

The reason why I love this movie is because I think the creator just smoke something really good and that’s what he is seeing in his moment of “happiness” XD It’s a world of fantasy yet contain relatively good action to keep you entertain. The animation was amazing as Paprika goes from dream to dream. Each dream is a fantasy world to explore.


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