Challenge – Day 15

//Favorite Anime Sidekick, Pet or Summoning //
Even though I like Pikachu very much, this spot goes to Luna from Sailor Moon. For those of you who don’t know who Luna is, google her and shame on you!
Luna is, should I say, Usagi best friend. She has always been by her side from start to end. Her loyalty to her princess is without limit, we often see her sacrifice/throwing herself to the enemy to save Sailor Moon. He job in the team was to gather the Sailors and guide them through their battle with the dark side. Luna can be seeing as a guardian to Sailor Moon, but she often feel helpless when Sailor Moon is facing danger beyond her capacity. Fo example, when Usagi first turn into Serenity and her lover was taking away, she close herself up in the her room which makes Luna feel really sad because she didn’t know what to do, she’s a powerless cat who cannot help her mistress.
lunadrawsThere is a segment dedicate to Luna in the manga, telling her first love and when she turns into human. It, later, gets turn into a movie.
I was really happy to see that Luna has a spot light for her in the manga and later in the movie. For her dedication, she deserve at least that much attention. Her human form was also really pretty, which made Artemis fell all over for her XD


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