D-07 Anime Challenge

❀ Anime crush. Oh boy. Life works in mysterious ways. I haven’t really had a crush on anyone around me in real life. But when it comes to fictional characters, it’s so easy! Why is that? Why?! Anyways, since the question is so broad, I shall divide it in three; first, previous, present. But let’s be honest here, there aren’t just three of them in my anime love life. But I will select the top of the threes!

Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed was my first. Back then, I wouldn’t call it a crush. I just admired him, I thought he was really cool and I was always rooting for him. Now, when I think about it, it was definitely a crush. Despite hating war and conflict, he was always willing to fight and protect his friends and loved ones. He always tried to fight without killing people in the battlefield — which is impossible. But hey, it’s the thought that counts — He was probably the best pilot in the series. He has the heart of gold, and amazing pilot/fighting skills. The perfect hero!

❀ My previous crush was Shota Kazehaya from Kimi Ni Todoke. He’s probably the sweetest normal character. I’m saying this because, sure there are many sweet guys in the anime world. For instance, Honey-Senpai from Ouran High School Host Club is the sweetest piece of shit — in my opinion. And yes, I’m verbally abusive — and between you and me, let’s face it, he’s not exactly normal-looking. But I favor Kazehaya! He’s just so bright, cheerful, caring, energetic and knows when someone is going through tough times. He also knows his flaws, which I think it’s pretty neat. He admitted that he was a selfish person who liked things going his way. Plus, he’s the jealous type. I think that’s cute, of course when I’m not involved in the relationship. If it’s the occasional small jealousy, then that’s cute. If it’s the possessive-jealousy type, then hell no.

Haruka Nanase from the anime Free! is my current anime crush! All I can say about this guy is that he’s extremely quiet, is an excellent swimmer and loves swimming. More specifically, he loves the water. If it was possible, he would probably breathe water. From episode 1, I knew he was the one. Cliché I know, but he’s just so awesome and adorable. He only eats fish and always wears his swimming trunks underneath his clothes. He’s always prepared for a swim! So fucking adorable!! Harukaaaaaa!!!!!!!


3 Replies to “D-07 Anime Challenge”

      1. I’m still seeing if I want to check out the manga BEFORE or AFTER the anime? xD I don’t know… 😛 I haven’t gotten around to watch it yet, but it’s sitting there in my top To-Watch list :3

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