Challenge – Day 14

//Anime that never gets old no matter how many time you’ve rewatched it//
I have to mentioned Sailor Moon, Ouran High School Host Club and Dragon Ball for this category, but I won’t be developing to much about them as I had mentioned those two in my other posts. Those animes are classics that even though I’ve watched them at least 3 times, I am still not bored about them unlike other animes.
Kuroshitsuji_Phantomhive_ResidentsThe other one worth mentioning is Kuroshitsuji. It didn’t make the list of my favourite anime due to the fact that one of the main character is an annoying brat, but I have to admit I don’t get bored of watching this anime again and again (I’m actually re-watching the second season). This anime has the potential to stay through time and still be popular due to the dark humour and sadistic way of the devilish Sebastian. One of the main reason why I like to re-watch this anime is due to the fact that the stories are good and the supporting characters are charming. For once I don’t like an anime due to the main characters, but for it supporting casts. Ciel Phantomhive is a brat that I don’t want to encounter and in season two, we gets to meet the ultimate brat: Alois. For once, an anime is not only about the good people doing good things. It’s about the Queen’s dog that is going on rampage. It’s one of those anime that mix and twist the meaning of good and bad, and that nothing is at it seems to be.

There is also two manga that I have failed to mentioned in the “I wish was turn into anime” part of this challenge, but I think the purpose was for anime not manga, but I will mentioned them here instead.

gakuenGakuen Babysitters is about two brothers, Ryuuichi (high school student) and Kotaro (2-3 years old), who lost their parents due to an accident and are now under the care of the high school chairman (Obaa-san). In exchange for taking them in, the chairman appointed Ryuuichi to the school’s daycare centre. It is a simple manga relating their daily life at the daycare, but it also showcase the point of view of the children who are there and what they feels toward the adults. I love the drawing style and how the characters are so charming and cute. Look at Kotaro and tell me you can resist his fluffy/chubbiness.
If this manga gets turn into an anime (I’m still wondering why they still didn’t do it yet), I would re-watch it again and again just like what I’m doing with the manga.

Love.So.Life.full.388410Love so life just like Gakuen Babysitters con taint two super duper cute twin. It’s about a girl name Shiharu who became a personal babysitter for Aoi and Akane who are in the care of their uncle Matsunaga. The story follow the daily life of the growing twin, but also involve the growing love of Shiharu toward Matsunaga. This manga involve more love story than Gakuen Babysitters, but it’s as refreshing and entertaining as spring day after a long winter XD


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