Challenge – Day 12

//Saddest Anime Scene//
Amongs all the scenes that I have witness in anime history, not a scene can make me cry like a baby, especially when this is suppose to be a happy-go-lucky type of anime. I was hesitating between the scene from Sailor Moon when Uranus and Neptune got kill for their heart crystal and the one from the last Sailor Moon segment when she discover Tuxedo Mask’s gold crystal among all the other crystals. And also when Nuriko died after beating up the enemy and gave out his last strength to help his friends. None of those scene made me cry like this one and I’m sure a lot of you can related to me. I swear I cry every time!!!! It’s the scene from Pokemon the first movie when Ash got turned to stone and Pikachu was crying and trying to revive him. I leave you with this clip.


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