D-06 Anime Challenge

❀ I don’t see the point of this one. I mean, if there was an anime I wanted to watch, I would just watch it. Why would I want to watch it and not watch it… Right? Then again, sometimes I don’t think like others. For this post, I’ll answer it as what manga would I love to see turned into anime. If I answered the challenge’s original question, it would be a half-assed answer. And that’s not something we want.

❀ I have said this many times now, and I’m sure I’ll mention it again and again… Noblesse. Since I’m going to talk about it many times more, I won’t give you any summary whatsoever. It’s awesome. The story is awesome, the characters are awesome, the art is awesome, everything is awesome! They should sponsor me. Click click!

Tower Of God is also an awesome webtoon. It’s a bit like the Hunger Games or Hunter x Hunter. Actually, there was a character that created an “uproar” in South Korea because she was such a bitch. People would used her name as an insult. That’s how bad she was. You don’t see people in North America calling people they hate as “Magneto” or whatever. Anyways, Tower Of  God is about this boy called 25th Baam ― yes, that’s his name… I don’t get it either ― who spent his life underneath this tower. He had only one friend, Rachel. One day, his only friend in the world decides she wants to go into the tower ― only the chosen ones can enter, and when you reach the top, the Tower grants you any wish you want ― and look at the sky because apparently, that’s her ultimate wish. She succeeds on entering, abandoning him behind. Ha! That was already bitch move no.1! He somehow ends up in the tower a little later with the only goal was to be by her side again. They eventually meet again after many tests and dangers. Then this bitch betrays him, leaving him to die when he was trying to protect her and shit. He did everything for her!! She was his light!! Oh my God, just talking about it makes me so pissed. There are so many other things that Rachel does that drives me nuts but I’m going to save it… Obviously it doesn’t end there, he somehow survives and is forced to join this evil gang to fulfil their dream. And now his new goal is to find her, cut her throat, drink her blood and feed her to the lions. I’m kidding. I wish that would happen though. The webtoon is currently ongoing and is updated every Sunday for this season. Go read it guys! Click!!


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