Challenge – Day 11

//Favorite Mech Anime//
Macross Plus is set in a futuristic time. The story evolve around three main characters who are childhood friends: Isamu, Myung and Guld. Isamu and Guld are pilots for the U.N Government, but an event from the past put their friendship into a rivalry dispute over Myung. Myung on her side is the producer of Sharon Apple, the hottest AI entertainer in the galaxy. The story unfold when Sharon start to develop a mind on her own, a malicious one, and take over the Fortress and the staffs, putting Myung in danger. Knowing that Myung is in danger both men come back to save her. Though starting a battle between machine and humans, leading to eventually the destruction of Sharon and the sacrifice of Guld.
plusThe story is mainly focus on the love triangle between the three main characters and the rivalry of the two men. Unfolding at the end a big misunderstanding. Macross Plus is set in a futuristic background with great OST. The fighting scenes and the anime of Sharon are both entertaining and captivating.
This is coming from my 11 years old self who watched this movie without parental consent ^^’ I remember a Friday, midnight, I couldn’t sleep and so I sneak out of bed and watch TV. This was on YTV. If my memory is good, there was a segment on YTV which was reserved only for 18+ after a certain hour… yes… TV is bad when put in a child’s room without supervision. But it was the only time I watched something after midnight, as I was conditioned to fall asleep instantly after 10pm XD Growing up, it was hard to find this movie on the internet as my computer access was limited to no internet at all. But when the occasion came, I completely forgot about this. I might find an opportunity to watch it again, now that I can have access to it anytime. As for the OST, Voice is definitely one of my favorite song.


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