D-05 Anime Challenge

❀ Okay, this one was an honest mistake. Although I haven’t watched it completely — I don’t even know if it’s ongoing or completed — I honestly enjoyed it. I have to make this clear. It was an HONEST mistake. Wait. Can I even call this a mistake? I was eating and was looking for a random anime to watch. The image seemed alright — yes, I judge a book by its cover — so I clicked on it… But then I enjoyed it… And watched a few more episodes… Oh God, why…

Love Stage is the anime I have the most difficult time admitting that I watched it and that I liked it. I had never step foot into the world of Yaoi. I actually didn’t even know what was yaoi until a couple of years ago. I knew girls like the bromance thing. I admit, I find it cute. But I didn’t know yaoi was a thing. Like a legit popular thing. I’ve spent 3 years in highschool yelling the word without knowing what it was. My friend had a “I love YAOI” button, so I just thought it was something cool and trendy.

❀ The anime is about this guy who kind of looks like a girl. He wants to be a mangaka, but he draws like shit. Since his family are all in the entertainment industry, they wanted him to do the same. One day, he had to model as a bride — it’s a long story — with an other male model who seemed to know him. Only the male model sincerely thought the other was a woman. Long story short, love blossoms between the two men.

❀ I remember when I was watching, I thought the anime was funny. But as it went along, when I found out it was yaoi, I was extremely shocked and embarrassed. It was extremely corny. But I had to click on the next episode. I had no choice. It was weird and funny and weird and for some reason, forbidden. I think I watched 4 or 5 episodes and then I had to stop myself with webtoons.


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