D-04 Anime Challenge

❀ Well, I have failed the challenge after 3 days. I completely forgot about it, I was too preoccupied with my midterms and my birthday. However, I will continue the challenge. Hey, it’s not like I’m getting penalized or anything for not posting for a couple of days. I’ll catch up to Kat.

❀ As if picking a favourite male character wasn’t hard enough. For females, it’s even worse! Don’t get me wrong, I love women — not in that way — but most of the ladies in anime series are so useless and dumb and just plain useless and dumb — I know, I said it twice — with enormous boobs. Right? But then again, there are some who are super cool and kick butt. Once again, just like for the men, I will go for both anime and manga.

Yui Hirasawa from K-ON!! is my favourite female anime character. She’s bright, made out of rainbows and unicorns and positivity. But then again, the anime is nothing but random positivity. There’s nothing to say much about her. She joined a music club despite not knowing how to play any instruments. She likes to read mangas and roll on the floor. Let’s not forget she has a sweet tooth. There’s nothing to dislike about her. She’s a bundle of joy!

❀ As for manga, my favourite is the opposite. Seira J. Loyard from, once again, Noblesse, is the best. I think I’ll mention Noblesse as many time as I could. Guys, you have to read it. Seira is 217 years old, the youngest clan leader since she is the last remaining one of her family. Despite her “young” age, she’s extremely strong and holds the Death Scythe. She’s elegant, pretty, shy, and is a fast learner. She’s an amazing cook and blushes whenever she get complimented. She’s a strong fighter who doesn’t give up when it comes to protecting humans — with her being 217, I think it’s pretty clear she’s not human — and her colleagues. She’s blunt and when she means no, she means no. Again, there is so much to say, but I rather have you guys read the webtoon! Go! Read read read! Urg, she’s so cool.


3 Replies to “D-04 Anime Challenge”

    1. haha thanks, it’s just my cousin texted me “you failed the challenge LOL” and i was like “ohhhh shit” hahahaha and she pre-writes them, sooooooo yeahh. it’s nice knowing someone is reading my posts though haha hello hellooo!

      1. Hello to you, too. 🙂
        No problem. Blogging should be fun and not stressful. As long as you’re enjoying it, you won’t run out of ideas. Oh, I try to hunt for anime/manga-related posts. Anyway, best of luck with the challenge. Cheers!

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