Challenge – Day 10

//Favorite fighter anime// HUmmm… I am tempted to cheat, but I won’t… hehehe

Alucard is one hell of a fighter. Why? He’s a vampire, duh!
The story evolve around the Royal order of Protestant Knights, lead by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, whose duty is to protect and guard the Queen from any harm of the underworld. Alucard is an ancient guardian who swore loyalty to the Hellsing family after being defeated by Van Hellsing (play by Hugh Jackman in the Hollywood movie of the same name ❤ )
hellThe anime is different from the manga though, but his awesomeness is still the same. I haven't read the manga yet, so I can't really tell what's so different about it, but the characters remain the same.
He is usually in red cape and hat with round sunglasses, but his from his true form you can see a dog-like creature with three eyes on each side (or more, actually he is cover in eyes). His appearance seems to be part of him as he can alter it as he wants. He usually fight with a gun, but for stronger opponent he will unleash his true form and bite the shit out of you XD
He has a sadistic sense of humor which made him even more scary in battle. He loves to torture and let his enemies think they have won until he heal himself and kick their sorry assess without mercy. Close to being immortal, he cannot be kill by decapitation or stab in the heart, even a cross doesn’t do much damage.
I don’t really feel that Alucard belongs to this category, as the anime is more about gun fight. Fighter for me, mean one who fight with fist and magical power. But I can guess this can be in this category since he does use his power and the gun is just a way for him not to unleash right away his power XD

gokuIn the name of true fighter, one cannot forget about Sangoku. There is no need to introduce anyone to this character as Dragon Ball is a classic that any anime fan should know about. Goku is definitely the ultimate fighter. He is passionate about fighting and always try to reach his limit, at the same time bringing his enemy to their limit also. His compassionate side often turn his enemy into friends. His sweet side is what I like about him. Nothing matter as long as the people around him is happy and that there’s always food.


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