Challenge – Day 9

//Best anime villain// A lot of villains made the list, but only stand out for his charismatic cruelty.

Griffith is the main antagonist of the anime Berserk. He was the founder of the band of the Hawk. He is perceived as a charismatic leader who can charm others to follow him pursuing his dream. His only goal is to pursuit his dream of having his own kingdom. Others are drawn to him and are willing to sacrifice for him. Griffith is the kind of character who doesn’t care about others, for him they are only pawn to help him achieve his goal. Everything change the day he met Guts. Guts was the only one who can distract him from his goal and is not willing to sacrifice his own dream in order to follow Griffith.

grifI kind of have mix feeling for him. I like his character, how cruel and ambitious he is. How he really is willing to sacrifice everything and will do anything to reach his dream as to betray his own body. With Guts’ betrayal he became reckless as to sleep with the princess and got all his muscle cut off as punishment. In despair, he accepts his fate and became one of the death god (how I call them). In order to become a death god he sacrifice everyone who has follow him from start to end including Guts and Casca.
His cruelty made him my favorite bad guy, but somehow you can never hate him. He is the portrait of pure ambition. Unfortunately the author didn’t finish the manga (he prefer to play video games), so I couldn’t see what happen in the last battle (screw you lazy ass mangaka!!) He later reappear as the Griffith that everyone knows: Majestic and grand.


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