Challenge – Day 8

//Favorite anime couple//
Tohru ❤ Kyo
For those of you who aren’t much familiar with older anime. Tohru and Kyo are characters from the anime Fruits Basket based on the manga of the same name by Natsuki Takaya. The story itself is base on the legend of the 12 chinese zodiac + the cat. The story follow Tohru, her encounter with the cursed Soma family members and her struggles resulting from her encounter with Kyo and the others. The story goes that 13 members of the very influential Soma family are be cursed by the animal of the zodiac and their head master is the reincarnation of the God who, in the legend, has made the zodiac.
Tohru after the death of her mother, wanted to move out of her grandfather house due to certain circumtances. She end up in the Soma’s territory and met with Yuki and Shigure, two of the curse members. Upon discovering that the place where she has set her tent has been buried under mud due to a landslide Yuki and Shigure helps and shelter her. While still sick from overworking she accidentally discover their secret. Under uncontrolled circumstances, Tohru stay at their house in exchange for doing all the chores so does Kyo, the cat. Since her childhood Tohru likes the cat due to him being dupe by the rat at the ceremony therefore he couldn’t become one of the zodiac animals. Tohru learning about Kyo being cursed by the cat spirit wanted to get to know him, but Kyo has always been rejected since his birth refuse to get close to anyone.

350819The more they interact, the more Kyo start to change. An innocent being as he is, Kyo does not realize right away his fondness for Tohru, but as they are going through challenges together, their love start to bloom as well.
This couple start-out oddly, but as they go along their love start to grow. It can be compare to a fragile flower that need to be taken care of with love and patience. As they grow closer and closer they realize that they cannot live without one another.
I have always root for this couple to be together as the story goes and I was happy that the author has the same idea.
One have to read the manga or watch the anime to understand. ❤


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