Challenge – Day 7

//Your anime crush//
This is getting in a dangerous zone 😈 Once again I will make this into two category: boy and girl.
I have mentioned on the first challenge that my first girl crush was Sailor Mars, but it was from the manga not the anime therefore the anime girl crush title goes to Nana Osaki. She has been mentioned already so I’m going to talk about another character that I quite like too.

Chii.full.175199 She is a character from the anime called Chobit. Chobit is set in a futuristic world where human-like PC are create to satisfy human’s desire. One poor student Hideki, on day, found in the trash a rare prototype and bring her home. Upon “awaken” her (through a very embarrassing way) he discover a sweet, innocent, child-like robot(with the body of a grown-up) and call her Chii. Not having any memory nor preset program, Chii is like a new born child. Hideki is then put in various embarrassing situations (like when Chii try to imitate a woman from an adult magazine XD ) Hideki discovered with the help of his friend that Chii is a very rare prototype and wonder why she has being abandon like that. Ine the search for Chii’s story they encounter various people and unveil story of pure innocent love in this messy world.

Chii is a character I really like from Clamp. She is my favourite one from all of them. One of the main reason is how pretty her clothing are XD yup I’m a shallow person, but she is so damn cute in her dresses. I have wanted to cosplay as her once in my life, but having a dress like that can cost a little fortune which I don’t have to be able to spend on it. Her innocence toward the world which put Hideki in embarrassing moment is just killing me 😀 If she was a real person, she would be the one you will go to when you have a shitty day and think that the world is the worst place. She will be there to brighten everything up with her innocent and happiness.

444851_1274128658654_full Touya is the male leading character from the anime Ayashi no Ceres (Celestial Legend). Ayashi no Ceres is a story of Aya and her twin Aki. At their 16th birthday, they are both send to the Mikage main house for the ceremony of the celestial maiden. The Mikage family has a legend that the celestial maiden’s blood is running through the women of the family and will awaken once they reach 16. But there is a dark side to this legend. At the ceremony, Aya complete her transformation of the celestial maiden and her twin brother has been taken over by the spirit of their ancestor Mikage. The rule of the family is to kill the celestial maiden before she could take revenge on the family. This story is based on a folktale about the celestial maiden who got her robe stolen therefore forcing her to stay on earth and marry a human. Touya was hired by the Mikage as the assassin who will finish the task of eliminating the celestial maiden, but he somehow manage to help her escape. Unknown feelings are drawing him closer to Aya. Instead of killing her, he turn around and betrayed the Mikage family. In her escape Touya stays by her side and their feeling started a new love story, revealing more to the legend then what it seems.

Nope Tuxido Mask wasn’t my first crush 🙄 I didn’t find him manly enough. Touya has capture my heart since the first appearance in Ayashi no ceres. I have a weakness against red long hair guy and tada…. Touya!!! Isn’t he perfect? :3 He’s the type of no romantic but will kill and sacrifice everything for the woman he loves. Dangerous… I love ❤ heheheheeee


One Reply to “Challenge – Day 7”

  1. LOL you’re shallow hahahahhaha ben non XD i never gotten into Chobits. i think i looked through the first volume of the manga, and i was like “ehhh. meh.” LOL

    hahaha i see you like dangerous men ahaha david needs to step up his game then, a ring isnt enough XD

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