Challenge – Day 6 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEE!!!)

//Anime you wanted to see, but haven’t yet// Hummmm…. should I just post my anime list? 😀
This will be divided two part, one that is really an anime that I wanted to see, but didn’t have the time yet and the second part would be a manga that I would like to be turn into an anime. I feel that I should include that because there are so many good manga that I wish was turn into anime so that I can see my favourite characters moving around.

Barakamon.full.1753377I absolutely have no idea what this anime is about. From the first episode and opening, I figured that the main character is some sort of a calligrapher who decided to move to a remote village. There he encounters other person who will change his perspective in life? 😕 Actually I don’t really know why I wanted to watch this anime beside the fact that it looks totally stupid and not serious at all, kind of like Lucky Star, but not totally like Lucky Star [yes, I totally make sense 😀 ] or maybe Princess Jelly. This seems to be a light heart anime that can make you pass the time. So I will eventually find an opportunity to watch the whole season and see if this is worth my time. If you are interest, Ponyta has some review on 5-6 episodes of the anime. I suspect this to have an harem in there somewhere….

Strobe Edge
Strobe.Edge.full.227864There are so many manga that I want to be turn into anime, but this one is something I dearly want to see turn into an anime as I love the author’s work and drawing style. Strobe edge is a typical high school love story. Starting Ninako a young innocent high school student who has never experience love. Her daily life is going to school, hang out with her friends and watch Ren pass by. Ren is the school idol, whose every girl dream to go out with. Just tagging along with her friend Ninako watch him pass them by in the corridor without any second thought. A faithful encounter on the train make her start to notice him more and more.

I love this manga for its pure and innocent atmosphere. Ninako is the kind of character that I would like to have as a sister. Both her and Ren are considerable characters, always thinking about others’ feeling before their own. That type of personality can make a story become redundent and boring, but the pace of the story is just right so that nothing is missed. Have I talked about the drawing style? Yup it’s super cute! I’m a sucker for cute, good drawing. ^^’

P.S Why can my cousin have this kind of relationship? *sigh* 🙄


2 Replies to “Challenge – Day 6 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEE!!!)”

  1. LOL thank youuuu!!!! ❤

    chais po, i like stupid animes, but i never got into Lucky Star. I tried like 4 episodes, but it just didnt work for me. I like Princess Jelly though! it was on netflix, hihihi.
    avoue, ya tlmt de good potential animes. but instead they do weird stuff like that 13 brother thing LOL

    OMG you want me to have a love story like that? XD it's never gonna happen hahaha i dont notice people LOL but its nice to know you wish that for me, haha

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