Challenge – Day 5

//Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed//
Why is this getting harder and harder? As I am a shameless person, I don’t think there’s one anime I have been ashamed to watch. So to make the list, I chose this one to be the top 1 anime in the category of “I will not talk about it to others” which mean I just feel like it’s a topic that will not interest others, not that I am ashamed to tell them that I’ve watched it. I was considering talking about maybe an H anime, but let’s leave this to PG and the rest to your imagination πŸ˜‰

Brothers Conflict

I would like one Harem of good looking men please!
I would like one Harem of good looking men please!
Classified as reverse harem (multiple men for one girl/woman), this anime feature Ema, a high school student, whose father got remarried. Nothing new to that story, but her new mother comes with 13 children, all males, young and beautiful. Yes! BEAUTIFUL! Except for the last child, who is a chibi cutie pie, all of them are gorgeous and even one of them pass out to be a woman. As her parents are busy people, she move into this giant house with her 13 brothers, there starts her new adventures.

Reverse harem or any harem theme manga/anime is something I have always dislike. I don’t hate, but I do dislike. The reason why I started watching this one was because of the drawing style. I always fall for the beautiful art ^^’ I found myself quite captivate by the story. They develop well each characters with Ema interacting with them in each episode. Of course in every shoujou there has to be a love story, but this time is 12 (1/2) of them (the last one is in elementary so yeah…. only 1/2 >:D ). In the true name of reverse harem, they all fall for her or somehow very affectionate toward her. Ema starts to learn more about her brothers, but twist from fate (or the author) something will come to alter her feelings and make her confuse.

There is a total of 12 episodes, it’s short and sweet and there’s a game made for this anime also. The kind of game that make you get to know every brothers and decided with whom you will fall in love with >:D In short, I didn’t finish the anime, I stopped at episode 4 or something. The reason why I didn’t finish it was because it was new at the time and I didn’t want to wait week after week for one episode at a time. But when the season end I just totally forgot about it πŸ™„
Overall, I enjoyed the few episodes that I’ve watched. I am not totally ashamed that I enjoyed it, but I will not admit that I’ve liked an harem theme anime πŸ˜›

Bonus: Have you watch the anime? If yes, who’s you’re favourite brother? Me? I take them all!!! 😈 Except for the little kid and the bratty idol one hihi


One Reply to “Challenge – Day 5”

  1. OMG i saw one episode of that anime LOL i was eating and didnt know what to watch. and like you, i thought the drawing was nice, so i decided to watch it LOL OMG, all i can say was… “WHAT… THE… FUCK…” after i finished eating, i just stopped watching it LOLOL

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