D-03 Anime Challenge

❀ I was honestly thinking really hard about who was my favourite male character. I even thought about it during class while my professor was explaining what would be on the midterm. It got me thinking; there are so many good manga/manhwas out there that aren’t turned into anime yet. So it’s so difficult and unfair!! Because there are animes that suck balls. I mean look at School Days. Google that shit up, it’s so stupid. So screw this, I’m also gonna add my favourite manga/manhwa character, because I can.

❀ Since this is an anime challenge, I’ll have to start with that first. Just like Kat, I love Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). I mean, what is there not to like about him? Besides the fact he’s a demon and is extremely dangerous for your health, and that makes it a forbidden love, makes him even hotter. God, I’m twisted. But am I right, or am I right? Not only he’s good at everything, he’s sarcastic, passive, faithful, ruthless, polite — I can go on — he also loves cats. So despite the demon that he is, he as a huge soft spot for cats. And that is so adorable! Any man who has a soft spot for animals or even just one kind, is a good man. Unless he’s a crazy murderous psychopath. That’s not cool.

❀ Finally, the part I’ve been extremely excited for! Cadis Etrama Di Raizel a.k.a Rai from the webtoon series Noblesse, is my favourite of them all! He’s charming, mysterious, quiet, elegant, super mega strong — Oh my god, I can go on forever — and extremely adorable. He gets lost and confused easily with the modern world since he was asleep for over like 800 years or so. He loves ramen. Before he eats it, he waits for the ramen to get bloated because he thinks it’s multiplying. He has a horrible sense of direction and his ways with technology is simply priceless. Despite how funny and cute he seems to be, he’s actually very powerful. He has an extremely ability of mind control and this ability called “Blood Field”. However, there’s a downside to his powers; every time he uses them, his life decreases! I would love to say more, but I really want you guys to read the series! Oh, did I forget to mention everything is colored? EVERY PAGE IS COLORED! Oh, and it’s updated every Monday. EVERY MONDAY!

❀  I think I might have a thing for dangerous cold looking guys with black hair and red eyes. I mean, guys, look. They’re totally hot. Don’t judge me, I know you secretly agree with me. Hohohoho. I need to find me one of those.


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