Challenge – Day 4

//Favorite Female Anime Character//
Strangely, it was harder to choose for my favorite female anime character.

Nana Osaki
Nana Osaki is a character form the anime Nana based on the manga of the same name by Ai Yazawa. The story center around two opposite personality women who’s first name is the same: Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu, later nicknamed Hachi by Nana Osaki. Nana Osaki is a punk singer in her hometown in the band call Black Stone, shorten as Blast. The two Nana met by coincident on the train to Tokyo, one in order to reunite with her boyfriend and the other to conquer the music scene of Tokyo. With this coincidental meeting their fate start to intertwine. Starting a heartfelt stories for both Nana.

First encounter with Nana Komatsu in the train
First encounter with Nana Komatsu in the train
Nana is a strong will girl. She comes from a broken family, as a small child she was abandon by her mother in her grand-mother’s care.
Why she is my favorite female character is still a mystery. I guess I was attract to her strong side at first, but the more the author develop her character the more I like her. She is a good friend and a good lover. At first, you see her, somehow, as a heartless person as she is willing to let go of the love of her life for the sake of her goal. Later on you see her personality starting to change through Hachi’s friendship for her. I like the fact that within that strong facade there is a girl who is more vulnerable and the way she wants to keep every person she loves to herself is also something I can relate too.

Nana has a total of 21 volume, still waiting for an ending. The anime have a total of 47 episodes (if my sources are right). Two live action movies has been made out of this story starting Mika Nakashima as the Nana Osaki.


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