Challenge – Day 3

//Favorite Male Anime Character// This is a strong battle, but I must say Sebastian Michaelis of Phantomhive wins!

In case you might wonder why Kuroshitsuji didn’t make the list of my favorite anime, well, Ciel is a brat and I dislike him 😆

A little background check: Sebastian Michaelis is a butler at the Phantomhive under Ciel Phantomhive management. He is no ordinary butler, or should I say one “Hell of a butler” quoting his own words. The story goes with Ciel Phantomhive being persecute at a ritual for calling out the demon (I presume). On the verge of dying he summons the demon who grants him a wish in exchange for his soul. He then wishes for this demon to become his butler, to protect and help him take revenge. The demon then works for him under the name of Sebastian Michaelis.

Look at this face and tell me you can resist his charm
Look at this face and tell me you can resist his charm

The reason why I like this guy is because he is the reason itself why demons are so much more tempting than angel. He is good in everything he does and has this devilicious sweet charm to him. He is supposed to be a demon and the one who makes everything turn into hell and despair, yet in the anime he is strangely on the good side. He follows Ciel’s order, but we see a slit little side of care in his attitude toward Ciel. His dedication is his charm. I don’t know if his dedication is due to the promised soul or was it truly genuine toward Ciel.

Season one has a twist in the story that give the fans a side story of Sebastian X Ciel relationship that they want to see. Showcasing that maybe Sebastian and Ciel friendship was real. That he somehow got attach to this bratty boy.

Sebastian Michaelis is a character that I was attached to quite fast. I guess it’s his bad side which attracts me much more than others characters within the anime world.

P.S I like the way he “marks” women shamelessly provoking jealousy from Grell Sutcliff the reaper 😉


One Reply to “Challenge – Day 3”

  1. OMG LOL i didn’t put it because of ciel as well LOL he ticks me off haahhaah but he does have a good soft side to him too.
    Mais ouaaaaaiiissssss sebastian is totally awesoooomeeeeee.
    I was considering him as well hahaha
    I like the manga better, there’s more LOL

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