D-01 Anime Challenge

❀ So I have decided to take on the 30 Day Anime Challenge. And no Kat, I’m not pretending to be busy, though I wish I was. I’ve been managing my time well so far. I don’t see the point of tagging someone else since I have no blogging friends. So off we go now. ❀ If my memory is correct, I would have to say the first anime I ever saw was indeed Sailor Moon. Pokémon came right after. I don’t remember exactly how old I was but I was very young, probably 5-6 years old. I would watch Sailor Moon on YTV whenever it came on. I didn’t know the airing time back then, so I took my chances. I remember I would sing and dance whenever I heard the series playing. I really have to thank YTV. Actually, I think the majority of the population in Canada first saw their anime on YTV. ❀ I liked the anime a lot, but not as much as Kat. I just thought it was cool with all the girls fighting evil by the moonlight. Then again, I was very young and probably didn’t understand the storyline in depth. I was never a fan of lovey-dovey stuff either as a kid, despite my love for Disney, so I was pretty much “meh” about Tuxedo Mask. ❀ When Kat and I live across from each other, there was this little Japanese place on our street that would sell anime goods. I remember I got a Sailor Mercury mask from there. I thought it was really cool. But I mostly went there for the Pokémon goodies. God, I miss the youthful days. Hey Kat, we should go back to that shop!


3 Replies to “D-01 Anime Challenge”

  1. LOL I went back when I was browsing St-Hubert for something I don’t remember lol but the shop is still the same!!!! I think I even saw the t-shirt we had! But mostly Pokemon things now. Let’s go back and also eat at the st-hubert chicken restaurant!!

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