Challenge – Day 2

// Favorite Anime //
This is a trap!! Starting from day two, everything become harder, how can you ask a girl to choose one when there’s so many out there?!! I’m in this business for at least 20 years, how can I choose a single one in 20 years of memory?

So here how it goes: classify through genre – some of them I’m not really sure.

//This is the hardest decision I have to make in the entire list as I am a fan of horror.//

I am hesitating between two animes which I love equally. They are from different timeline, but they have the same theme: ghosts/spirits.


Medecine seller
Medecine seller
Mononoke is a spin-off of Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales, but I watched this before Ayakashi. Mononoke follows the story of a medicine seller from the Edo time. He is no normal seller, he, in fact, knows a lot about Mononoke (type of spirit who still wander the world of the living due to something that kept them from passing on). His “duty” is to get the mononoke to pass on which end up revealing more than what the hunted wants to reveal. He proceeds by learning about the shape, the truth and the reasoning of the mononoke then exorcise with the spirit of his sword that can only be pull out once the three “forms” had been reveal.

The main reason why I love this anime is the artwork. Even though this was set on a dark theme, the anime itself it’s really colorful. Describing this anime alone will not showcase its true beauty therefore please watch this opening. It plays a lot with the shadow marionette and Japanese’s textures. Every episode start as if a story is about to be told without the “mukashi mukashi” . This anime serie contains 12 episodes of good delight to remind you that Karma will always find you.

Ghost Hunt
21536lThe second anime within the horror genre that I pretty much devour: Ghost Hunt. This serie is pretty much like X-file. It starts with a high school female student Mai, who accidentally got involve with the Shibuya Psychic Reasearch Center’s manager Kazuya Shibuya “Naru”. She then has to follow him and become his assistant in his research for paranormal activity. They are involve in various accidents which introduce them to other occult “professionals” such as a monk, a miko and a priest. Her involvement with the PRC will end up in different occult phenomenons, real or fake, which generally end with fright and rescue from mostly Naru.

I enjoyed this anime over and over. I haven’t read the manga because I felt that the anime it’s quite good already. The story flows and develop at a good pace. The anime doesn’t only concentrate on developing Mai and Naru’s relationship but also the other characters which was a plus because we learn to love them more.

Romantic Comedy/Gender bender/
ouranOuran Highschool Host Club, if that name doesn’t ring any bell in you, then you must be from another planet πŸ˜†
The story starts with Haruhi, a girl who dress in a boy uniform, looking for a place to study within this school of rich kids. She end up discovering the music room, upon opening the door she land in the school’s host club. Accidentally knocking over a very very very expensive vase, she now has to work for repay her debt as she is coming from a poor family.
Ouran is a typical shoujo anime, but you learn to love each and every characters even the “nemesis”. I love this anime because it’s the perfect highschool life that I never had!!!! πŸ˜₯ Just kidding hehehe It’s the kind of anime that you can watch and re-watch without ever get bored.

There is also a live action movie and drama coming out in 2012-2013, I don’t remember precisely the year. The manga also continued on what the anime left us wondering: Tamaki x Haruhi relationship.

20140lFushigi Yuugi is an old anime which I have discover dubbed in Vietnamese. Yes… sad, but I’m glad I did πŸ˜€
It follows the girl name Miaka who is an airhead. She somehow remind me of Sailor Moon when I first watch it. Miaka and her friend Yui discover an old book, within a restricted area of the library, on the four Gods of ancient China. Upon opening the book the two friends got send to the world of the book, but after they were save from bandits by a young man in the book, only Yui got return to the real world. Left alone, Miaka starts searching for the young man who save them earlier on. Upon meeting with him again, there unfolded the story of Suzaku no miko.


This was a hard choice to make, to just choose one. I cheated by making categories and include the very favorite one within each category, but it wasn’t easy neither. I mostly read manga and a lot also came to my mind when I was making this list. This might be not accurate 100% as I mentioned 20 years cannot come back at once. I might edit this or not, but it has giving me the urge to revisited my old favorites once more.

If you are taking this challenge, good luck. The ones to come are even harder. Let’s have fun!


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