Challenge – Day 1

Very first anime
Now that I think about it, it goes way back to when I was still in my country. I tend to say that the very first was Sailor Moon, which brought me to discover more anime, but the truth is Doraemon was the very first. I remember watching it on the old TV at my aunt’s house and was amaze by how much this cat can fit things into his pocket.

//Heavy editing – sorry I have schedule this to be published before I could complete it//

I don’t remember much about Doraemon and have never had the desire to re-watch it again growing up so I will concentrate more on Sailor Moon. I remembered when I first saw Sailor Moon it was the episode when they discover Ami aka Sailor Mercury. The reason that I came to love this anime wasn’t because of the magical side or the girl power effect (admit it Usagi’s girl power image wasn’t the best at the beginning, au contraire -_- ), but more of the friendship side of it (I guess I was craving for some friends since I just left my best friend to move to Montreal). At that time I could only watch two episode of it and even missed when Mars appears. But that memory sticks with me until I was old enough to be able to keep my red pocket money and buy the manga 😆

After buying the manga and read the real story of Sailor Moon, I felt in love with it again. The manga has a much more mature tone to it after the episode when Tuxido Mask revealed himself to Sailor Moon. I start to realize that I love the romantic side of this story much more than the goofy “meat ball head” from YTV. AND REI, come on! She was badass!!!! To the point where I wanted to be like her 😆 Yup my first girl crush was Rei/Sailor Mars 😀

//I am mixing manga and anime, but I felt that if I’ve read the manga then I prefer the manga to the anime.//

Later in life, when Videotron was popular, my dad connected me to the wide world (at that time) of cable TV. MEGA HUGE MISTAKE!! I got hooked to Sailor Moon on YTV again (I’m still wondering how I managed back then to still be a smart ass in school even though I watched TV instead of studying).

Back then Sailor Moon was my whole universe. I was doodling her in my free time in class, I was talking about her to my classmate and we even get matching T-shirt for me and my cousin (yup we still remember that t-shirt, that I love so much and my mom threw it away, it had turned to a belly shirt because I grew up too fast). Even though I liked Mars and Jupiter better, I still end up drawing only Sailor Moon. Until this day you can still see her meatball head somewhere in every notebook, from elementary to university.

Yup, that was my first anime crush. And I’m still obsessed over it now that the new version Sailor Moon Crystal started airing.


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