Sailor Moon Crystal

First of all, this is coming from a long time fan therefore I might just go over the amount of paragraphs intended for this post. Secondly, this is my own personal opinion, I know there are people who are more of an extreme fan of Sailor Moon therefore bear with me and no harsh comment. Thank you.

Edit: I’ve decided to make this a short overview of my first impression of the remake.

Opening/ending song
90s vs. 2014
I didn’t quite like the song when I first hear it. Sailor Moon’s opening song from the 90s has been such a great hit. It gives out more of a magical girl power who will literally fight evil for love and friendship. It gave out a strong sense of girl’s power, but it’s soft comparing to the vibe giving out by the new opening song. The reason I didn’t like the new song was because, I guess, I couldn’t yet relate to it. As a child, the softer part of the song gets to me more than the strong will girl power of the new opening.
The old song was more about the fact that girl are strong, but they are also weak and that friendship and love were everything. The new one turn more to the feminist side with lyrics that showcase girls’ power to overcome everything by themselves.

Enough of the opening, onto the ending: complete dislike of the new ending. As much as I have never like any of the ending song, the new one completely turn me off. At least in the old anime, the song fit perfectly with the mood of the animation. I would have like the new ending if there was no lyrics. The lyrics ruined everything. No need for love when there’s a scene of Endymion and Serenity kissing, talk about awkwardness 😐

Overall animation
I love the new design, it does actually reflect more the manga than the 90s, but I can’t believe how anorexic they are when they transform. Yes, Naoko Takeuchi loves drawing skinny and busty girls, but I feel they could reflect more of her design instead of trying to draw stick figure. The author’s drawing style showcase girls with slender waist and curvy figure. It would be better if they have kept her recent style instead of the one from the first 5 volume *By writing this post I have realize what truly bug me* Their waist and legs are too skinny which made it look awkward on the entire body shape. As the manga go on, her drawing style change and they should have based it on the later volume.
Good parts from the animation is that they did a make over of Luna. She is more “alive” in the new animation.

I will end my review here for the moment, as I will wait for the last episode to air before writing my impression on the overall remake of the season one. For a more detail review of each episode you can visit my friend’s blog . She is more dedicated into reviewing every episode than I do.


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