Lola Rosa

❀ Hello fellow foodies! Have you ever had good vegetarian food? I mean seriously good vegetarian food. Whenever I hear someone telling me that they don’t eat meat, I start questioning their life decisions. That’s how I am. I love meat. I live for food. Meat is the best. Every time I had vegetarian food, they all tasted bland and very… vegetable and salad-like. There was no fun. Sometimes, they make imitations of meat and they seriously tasted and looked like meat. So what’s the purpose?

❀ Anyways, my best friend brought me to this vegan place called Lola Rosa Café. It was amazing, the best vegan place I ever tried. But then again, I’ve only tried a few places, so I might not be a reliable source. They have two locations, one on Parc, and one on Milton. We went to the one on Milton. But not to worry, I will post the two addresses at the end of this post.

❀ We arrived at Lola Rosa exactly at their opening hour. Actually, we came 10 minutes early and there was already a couple of people waiting! When we were finally seated, the place was getting crowded in a blink of an eye. And as we ate our meal, there was a huge line-up outside! The place was quite small but very cozy. So you guys better come early or make that reservation when you try this place out!

❀ My best friend had their burrito filled with black beans, corn, tomato, cilantro mozzarella, spicy sour cream and jalapenos served with rice and a salad — yes, I got all that from their online menu. I had the samosa (2 pieces) with chutney sauce and a salad. We shared our meals and they were d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! We both cleared everything from our plates. The flavors were colorful and fun. The samosa had a thin crispiness to it and the inside was flavorful and soft. Everything about the burrito plate complimented each other; the sauce, the rice, the filling. It was the best vegan burrito I ever had. I’ll be back for more!

❀ I highly recommend Lola Rosa Café to anyone. Whether they’re anti-vegan, vegan, foodies like me, old, young, hipster, skinny, fat… This is the place for awesome vegan food. Plus, the decor is super cool too! There are messages left behind from costumers in the tables! Who knows, maybe you can find someone’s number and hook up like in the movies! You guys know what to do! Gogogogo!


photo 2

photo 1

Cost: $$
Bee approves: 4/5

4581 Ave. du Parc
Montreal, Quebec H2V 4E5

545 Rue Milton
Montreal, Quebec H2X 1W5


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